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Political Legitimacy of UK's EU referendum dealt Major Blow
Analysis of consequences and implications of breaking UK's electoral law by both LeaveEU and Vote Leave groups. Interview, Hayley Holt, Breakfast, TVNZ, 19 July 2018...

     Robert Patman
     18th July 2018 - Duration: 0:04:09

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The Alex Salmond Show
Breaking the Brexit deadlock
With this week’s dramatic events in the House of Commons leaving politics trapped in a Brexit deadlock, Alex speaks to three key commentators who each have a way forward – the problem is they have three different routes; Mike Galsworthy campaigns for a Peoples Vote, Chris Williamson MP is looking for a radical Labour Government and Angus McNeil MP advocates Scottish independence. However, all three agree that the Brexit deadline will have to be extended for any escape route to be found. Watch...

     17th January 2019 - Duration: 0:28:15

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'Twas the Nightmare before Brexit...
'Twas the Nightmare before Brexit......

     Scottish National Party (SNP)
     24th December 2018 - Duration: 0:02:40

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Journey To Yes
Mark says Yes
We follow different people's fascinating journeys to Yes and self-determination for Scotland. Londoner and businessman Mark followed Scotland's first independence debate closely and had been inspired by the Yes campaign with its progressive and inclusive values. After the Brexit result, Mark was impressed by Scotland's pro-EU vote and the Scottish Government's handling of events. In November 2016 Mark sold his London home and moved with business and family to set-up in Scotland and join the Yes ...

     Phantom Power Films
     18th March 2017 - Duration: 0:06:29
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Indycar Gordon Ross - 17 01 19 - Constitutional Advocates wanted.
Constitutional Advocates wanted. Dr Mcnaught will shortly be launching an appeal for Constitutional Advocates from the independence movement. These will help to promote the reas...
17th January 2019 - Duration: 0:06:23 - Indycar Gordon Ross
Catalan News - 17-Jan-19 TV News in 100 Seconds: - ‘Catalonia and Spain study new spaces for dialogue’
Catalan and Spanish governments consider opening new spaces for dialogue—for instance, a commission with political parties to tackle the independence issue. Senior ministers met to...
17th January 2019 - Duration: 0:01:55 - Catalan News
The Alex Salmond Show - #62 - Breaking the Brexit deadlock
With this week’s dramatic events in the House of Commons leaving politics trapped in a Brexit deadlock, Alex speaks to three key commentators who each have a way forward – the prob...
17th January 2019 - Duration: 0:28:15 - RT
Sarah Mackie - Time is Running Out for the Union
The absolute mess of Brexit has served to highlight the democratic deficit of the UK, with Scotland's views being completely disregarded & ignored throughout the whole process....
16th January 2019 - Duration: 0:02:05 - Sarah Mackie
The SNP - Mhairi Black explains why Scotland has no confidence in Theresa May
Mhairi Black MP: “I have never had confidence in this government whatsoever, and have no confidence in this Prime Minister”....
16th January 2019 - Duration: 0:02:54 - Scottish National Party (SNP)
Going Underground - Ep. 699: - Danny Dorling Discusses What Caused Brexit, David Bowie's Bandmate Woody Woodmansey!
On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Danny Dorling about what really caused Brexit and his new book 'Rule Britannia: Brexit and The End of Empire'. Next we talk to Woo...
14th January 2019 - Duration: 0:27:05 - goingundergroundRT
Brexit 2: May & Trump vs Truth, with Stephen Fry
Who profits from the hate around Brexit and Trump’s border wall of lies? Brexit 2 uncovers the true threat to democracy and why a new public vote is the best defence. Voiced ...
14th January 2019 - Duration: 0:14:11 - Pindex
Full Scottish - 13/01/2019
Join Corri Wilson and guests Martin Docherty-Hughes, MP for West Dunbartonshire and Ellen Hofer from European Citizens for an Independent Scotland fo in-depth discussion and analys...
13th January 2019 - Duration: 1:00:26 - Broadcasting Scotland
Jeggit - The Brexit Negotiations are Over
As far as the EU is concerned the Brexit negotiations are over. This is the endgame, and hopefully the end of the UK. Support the Jeggit Podcast: ...
4th January 2019 - Duration: 0:02:10 - Jeggit
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gives her 2019 New Year's Message
Full text of the FM's speech: One of the things we should be proud of, at Hogmanay, is the number of people from around the world who come to Scotland to see in the New Year. ...
31st December 2018 - Duration: 0:02:36 - Scottish Government
The Yellows - 13 - Christmas message from the King of Spain (English subtitles)
How can a monarch from a EU member talk about democracy while at the same time makes concealed deals with dictatorships and calls to defend the unity of Spain by means of violation...
31st December 2018 - Duration: 0:02:20 - The Yellows Catalonia
At Home in Scotland
24th December 2018 - Duration: 0:02:20 - Phantom Power Films
Talking #Brexit With Prof. Thom Brooks of Durham University
There are 100 days until #Brexit. The message is clear: NOBODY IS READY. In this candid interview, Graham from #3Blokes In A Pub chats with Professor Thom Brooks, head of Law at...
19th December 2018 - Duration: 0:42:33 - Graham Hughes
Hogmanay - Celebrate New Year the Scottish Way
Are you ready to celebrate Hogmanay? There's nowhere better than Scotland to do so! Find out more at #hogmanay #bringonthewinter #ourhogmanay ...
19th December 2018 - Duration: 0:00:29 - Scotland is Now
#3Blokes In The Pub... - Talk Veterans For EU - (Ep 22)
This week Graham (@EveryCountry) is joined in the pub by Steve Gavin from Veterans for Europe and Cosi Doerfel Hill of the In Limbo project. We discuss British servicemen and women...
19th December 2018 - Duration: 0:39:12 - Graham Hughes
Dateline 2018 - Dateline with a Vengeance - The Dateline 2018 Christmas Special
They're just two ordinary newsreaders, but when armed terrorists takeover the Dateline News Tower, it falls to Jack and James to save the day. Well, according to them it does, othe...
16th December 2018 - Duration: 0:17:57 - Dateline 2018: Spoof News
Graham Hughes from #3Blokes In A Pub explains, in no uncertain terms, why going to WTO "Rules" would be an absolute disaster for the United Kingdom. #1. Nobody Trades on WTO Rul...
14th December 2018 - Duration: 0:26:34 - Graham Hughes
NATION - NORWAY - discussion points
13th December 2018 - Duration: 0:16:00 - Phantom Power Films
LEAKED: Footage From Inside No. 10 Downing Street!
"We's in a nasty mess my precioussss...and there's only one way out....We wants it. We neeeeds it!" - Andy Serkis We Wants It From Lucas and Minghella Starring Andy Serk...
9th December 2018 - Duration: 0:02:47 - WE WANTS IT
Ian Blackford puts to rest Theresa May’s strong and stable slogan
Ian Blackford painfully put to rest Theresa May’s strong and stable slogan during today’s PMQs. Like what you see? Please subscribe FOLLOW ON TWITTE...
5th December 2018 - Duration: 0:49:30 - RT UK
#Brexit In A Nutshell - with Graham Hughes from #3Blokes In A Pub
In this informal presentation filmed in front of a live pub audience in Chamonix France, Graham Hughes from #3Blokes explains how he got involved in the Anti-Brexit movement, an ov...
3rd December 2018 - Duration: 0:35:56 - Graham Hughes
Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Stephen Fry.
How a mythical EU dragon was conjured up and the striking truth behind it all. A trick of forced perspective put fear in the way of facts. Voiced by Stephen Fry. Immigrant...
30th November 2018 - Duration: 0:11:51 - Pindex
STV's Bernard Ponsonby presses Theresa May on Brexit deal
STV's Bernard Ponsonby pressed Theresa May on how the draft Brexit deal will affect Scotland. The Prime Minister was grilled on the cost of withdrawing from EU during her visit ...
28th November 2018 - Duration: 0:01:47 - STV News
Brexit-backing BBC host Andrew Neil just got absolutely destroyed on his own channel
A truly epic takedown....
27th November 2018 - Duration: 0:02:16 - Evolve Politics
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gives speech
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gives speech. Like what you see? Please subscribe FOLLOW ON TWITTER: FOLLOW ON ...
27th November 2018 - Duration: 0:49:30 - RT UK
iScot TV Spot
iScot Magazine TV Promo STV 26th November - 6th December 2018...
26th November 2018 - Duration: 0:00:22 - iScot Magazine
Renegade Inc - Empire state of mind
There is no doubt that Britain is in the middle of an identity crisis. From a long history of colonialism and empire building, the default British political leadership today sti...
26th November 2018 - Duration: 0:27:40 - RT
What Has The EU Ever Done For Us?
TL;DW: More than the Russia-backed #Brexit cheats, fraudsters and liars would ever have you believe... • EU scraps redtape for British holiday makers • Now the Brussels burea...
23rd November 2018 - Duration: 0:24:57 - Graham Hughes
Brexit Deal Special Report
Corri Wilson will be joined on our Brexit Special Report by guest Maggie Lennon, Women for Independence NEC member and Director of the Bridges Programmes for the integration of ref...
15th November 2018 - Duration: 0:54:56 - Broadcasting Scotland
Michael Sheen explains why you should join a credit union
14th November 2018 - Duration: 0:00:55 - Scottish Government
A #3Blokes Production - "Choose Brexit?"
Here at #3Blokes, we chose not to choose #Brexit. And so can you. 1. Talk About Brexit With Your Family and Friends 2. Write To Your MP 3. Support The #PeoplesVote...
14th November 2018 - Duration: 0:01:40 - Graham Hughes
Journey To Yes - #22 - Clive Ponting says Yes
Clive Ponting says Yes. Clive Ponting is the original British whistleblower. Long before Assange and Snowden, Ponting leaked details of a cover-up that shook the British political ...
12th November 2018 - Duration: 0:10:35 - Phantom Power Films
Iceland’s Banned TV Christmas Advert... - Say hello to Rang-tan. #NoPalmOilChristmas
You won't see our Christmas advert on TV this year. But we want to share our 'No Palm Oil' story with you this Christmas. Say hello to Rang-tan....
8th November 2018 - Duration: 0:01:32 - Iceland Foods
Ten Minute History - World War One and International Relations - (Short Documentary)
Twitter: Patreon: Merch: Special Thanks to the f...
5th November 2018 - Duration: 0:09:59 - Ten Minute History
Ready Scotland - Getting Ready for Bad Weather
How to prepare your home for bad weather in Scotland. Visit for more information...
1st November 2018 - Duration: 0:00:23 - Scottish Government
St Andrew's Day - Make Someone's Day
#MakeSomeonesDay is a simple idea to give everyone the chance to celebrate Scotland’s special day by carrying out a little act of kindness. If everyone does one small thing this St...
1st November 2018 - Duration: 0:01:00 - Scotland is Now
Ciaran #3Blokes & Leave Voter Visit Swiss "Friction Border" - (BBC Inside Out)
Like our vids? BUY US A ROUND! Ciaran, one of the original #3Blokes, returns to the screen in this short BBC documentary in ...
30th October 2018 - Duration: 0:13:10 - Graham Hughes
Community Land Week 2018 - Achmore
The Fernaig Trust covers the Achmore and Stromeferry areas of Lochalsh – as part of Community Land Week they held this event to open a new footpath running along a beautiful West H...
30th October 2018 - Duration: 0:03:36 - Scottish Government
Scotland is Now - Study in Scotland
When choosing to study abroad, students pick Scotland because it has some of the best universities in the world. In fact, Scotland has more world-class universities per person than...
29th October 2018 - Duration: 0:01:30 - Scotland is Now
Graham from #3Blokes Pitches #Brexit to Dragons' Den!!
How mad does #Brexit sound as a business plan?? New episode of #3Blokes coming soon!!...
24th October 2018 - Duration: 0:00:52 - Graham Hughes
Blockchain #IndyPoll info via IndyCar GordonRoss
23rd October 2018 - Duration: 0:06:32 - YesDayScotland
Scotland's first national Blockchain #IndyPoll Oct 23rd - 30th 2018. Please follow these twitter feeds for Covenant resource updates: @ScotCovenant @IndyNationScot...
18th October 2018 - Duration: 0:00:42 - YesDayScotland
Keynote Address by First Minister of Scotland | Nicola Sturgeon - RSA Replay
First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon will deliver a speech on the current state of play of the UK Government’s Brexit negotiations and the future of the UK and Europe. The sp...
16th October 2018 - Duration: 0:56:40 - RSA
Graham Brown Band - Better Off Alone
This is our new single, a cover of the anthem "Better Off Alone" available to purchase/download from our website, iTunes, Spotify and most other download sites, This song is includ...
15th October 2018 - Duration: 0:03:47 - Graham Brown
All Under One Banner, Edinburgh
Our first documentary looks at the biggest Scottish indpendence rally in history - All Under One Banner, Edinburgh. Beautiful videography from Ryan McCann Photography! Please LIKE,...
12th October 2018 - Duration: 0:10:24 - haverin'
Greenpeace Unearthed - Who controls the UK's fishing quota?
An Unearthed investigation has revealed that a tiny minority of wealthy families control huge swathes of fishing rights.
10th October 2018 - Duration: 0:02:55 - Greenpeace Unearthed
The Freedom Bell - #500Miles Portree to Edinburgh
My mate Dave Llewellyn seems to come up with some crazy schemes sometimes but the big felly seems to have the Midas touch in whatever he has presented so far and this venture was n...
9th October 2018 - Duration: 0:07:13 - Pedro Mendez
#AUOBEdinburgh #YesBikers arrive.
6th October 2018 - Demanding Scottish Independence. Massive thanks... - to All Under One Banner for the get together. - to Edinburgh for the hospitality. - to Police Scot...
8th October 2018 - Duration: 0:05:30 - YesTVdotScot
The true legacy of Christopher Columbus: 'Western Civilisation' - George Monbiot
George Monbiot on the true and bloody legacy of Christopher Columbus...
8th October 2018 - Duration: 0:05:14 - Double Down News
Brexit: a cry from the Irish border
‘Jacob Rees-Mogg you're right. You don't need to visit the border... you need to have lived here.’ Belfast-born actor Stephen Rea explores the real impact of Brexit and the uncerta...
20th September 2018 - Duration: 0:08:34 - Financial Times
Your Scotland, Your Newspaper: The National and Sunday National TV advert
Pick up your copy this Sunday....
6th September 2018 - Duration: 0:00:30 - The National
Dear Boris Johnson, I want to prosecute you https://www.fac...
6th September 2018 - Duration: 0:04:12 - Marcus J Ball
Just How Awful Is Theresa May? - Episode 5
Today historian Michael Spicer compares Theresa May to James Callaghan to gauge just how awful she is....
6th September 2018 - Duration: 0:02:19 - Michael Spicer
This Time It's YES
5th September 2018 - Duration: 0:05:49 - Pedro Mendez
The Tufton Street Network - Hacking our democracy
Tufton Street and nearby Westminster addresses are home to a network of policy ‘think tanks’, lobbyists, pressure groups, PR and media organisations. They offer a range of services...
5th September 2018 - Duration: 0:07:51 - Real Media
The Thomas Muir Lecture 2018 with Gerda Stevenson
I have devoted myself to the cause of the people. It is a good cause. It shall ultimately prevail. It shall finally triumph. – Thomas Muir’s speech from the dock, Edinburgh, August...
1st September 2018 - Duration: 0:48:44 - Phantom Power Films
SCOTIA - Edinburgh Festival Post-Mortem
SCOTIA: a new live audience show for a New Scotland with Michael Gray and Robert J Somynne Back us @ ...
30th August 2018 - Duration: 0:33:24 - Phantom Power Films
Salmond puts Scottish independence first
Help support the costs of Alex Salmond's Judicial Review in the Court of Session. #forFairness...
29th August 2018 - Duration: 0:04:14 - Alex Salmond
Sunshine on Scotland - the world’s first ever footage for a national #Blockchain #IndyPoll
Footage dedicated to all the walkers, organisers, and every single YESSER taking part in the #500miles walk. Scotland's modern era online Independence Covenant is now live at ht...
28th August 2018 - Duration: 0:05:14 - YesDayScotland
Alex Salmond's Video Diary - Scotland just wants fair play from our public service broadcaster
Former First Minister Alex Salmond has continued his correspondence with the BBC – and here are the lessons they can learn ...
23rd August 2018 - Duration: 0:04:26 - The National
All Under One Banner, Dundee time lapse, 18 Aug 2018 #auobDundee
The All Under One Banner march passes along Arbroath Road, Dundee. Music from the Graham Brown Band "I can hear the nation tonight" A big thank you to the family who invited ...
18th August 2018 - Duration: 0:02:40 - IndependenceLive
All Under One Banner, Inverness, 28th July 2018. - The whole march in a time-lapse pass-by.
Inverness AUOB time lapse with words from Maree Todd MSP #AUOBInverness...
16th August 2018 - Duration: 0:03:23 - IndependenceLive
Scotland’s Baby Box 1st anniversary
On the first anniversary of Scotland's Baby Box we hear how the box is helping families across Scotland....
15th August 2018 - Duration: 0:02:47 - Scottish Government
Òmnium Cultural - Help Catalonia · Spread the word!
The Catalan government carried out a self-determination referendum on October 1st 2017. Instead of respecting the democratic will of the people, the Spanish government responded wi...
13th August 2018 - Duration: 0:05:57 - Òmnium Cultural
All Under One Banner - Inverness - July 2018
Well what a weekend that was for the Drossey Posse.. Independence march and rally then a good old sing song with oor finest Scottish musicians and a surprise birthday party !! Inve...
31st July 2018 - Duration: 0:05:04 - Pedro Mendez
Political Legitimacy of UK's EU referendum dealt Major Blow
Analysis of consequences and implications of breaking UK's electoral law by both LeaveEU and Vote Leave groups. Interview, Hayley Holt, Breakfast, TVNZ, 19 July 2018...
18th July 2018 - Duration: 0:04:09 - Robert Patman
Nicola Sturgeon: How can governments shape the future
Speaking at 2018's FutureFest, Scotland's First Minister on what governments can do to influence positive social, as well as economic, change and why innovation is in Scotland's DN...
7th July 2018 - Duration: 0:24:44 - Nesta
Graham Brown - What Coward Would Vote No
Graham Brown - What Coward Would Vote No. This is a poem I wrote when I found myself in a wee frustrated mood after thinking about all the lies and deceit from the Westminster gove...
5th July 2018 - Duration: 0:01:15 - Graham Brown
#Brexit - Dark Money the DUP
Jim Fitzpatrick reveals new information on how the DUP and Vote Leave worked together in the EU referendum. Did they break the law? And he digs deep into the finances behind the DU...
27th June 2018 - Duration: 0:43:44 - shared by Slugger O'Toole
All Under One Banner - Bannockburn - June 2018
Well Bannockburn was a blast even though i was sitting in traffic for about an hour then parked the car where i saw everyone parking thinking that ah still had plenty of time so wa...
25th June 2018 - Duration: 0:04:57 - Pedro Mendez
Love Bomb (Dissolve the Union)
The Great British Red White & Blue Mother of All Parliamentary Love Bombs. A litany of lies, broken promises, and insults. #dissolvetheunion Music: TVII by Ministry...
16th June 2018 - Duration: 0:02:58 - Martin Laird
Walking the (long) walk
The full exchanges between the Speaker and Ian Blackford MP at Prime Minister's Questions, 13 July 2018....
13th June 2018 - Duration: 0:08:41 - Wings Over Scotland
We Are Scotland - Claire Simonetta
Meet Claire who left Switzerland for a new life as a Sheep Farmer on the Isle of Mull. Visit
7th June 2018 - Duration: 0:01:17 - Scottish Government
The Scottish Independence Foundation - The Proclaimers 'The Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) believes that Scotland can only realise her immense potential as a nation through Independence. SI...
6th June 2018 - Duration: 0:00:33 - Phantom Power Films
All Under One Banner - Dumfries - June 2018
"Real guardians of progress are no longer politicians at Westminster..or even at Holyrood ..but the energised activists who at tens of thousands i predict will refuse to meekly go ...
4th June 2018 - Duration: 0:04:54 - Pedro Mendez
YEW CHOOB - supplemental - Knocking on Fluffy's door
2nd June 2018 and a part of the Scottish independence grassroots movement decide to blossom collectively in Fluffy's home town. A day for Scottish history books to celebrate in the...
4th June 2018 - Duration: 0:05:40 - YEW CHOOB - supplemental
POLITICO Interview with Nicola Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland
28th May 2018 - Duration: 0:55:30 - POLITICO Europe
Dennis Canavan - Phantom Power promo for Gathering #1
16th May 2018 - Duration: 0:01:12 - Edward M Smith
#AUOB May 2018 Charing Cross Timelapse Independence Live
14th May 2018 - Duration: 0:05:02 - IndependenceLive
Brexit and Scotland's Future
This video focuses on the danger to Scotland if it does not become independent before Brexit....
10th May 2018 - Duration: 0:11:11 - Mark McNaught
Highlights of the incredible All Under One Banner Glasgow march for Scottish independence with comments from brilliant people taking part....
6th May 2018 - Duration: 0:02:19 - Phantom Power Films
Prong - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck (at the Kirkwall Cosmo)
The footage used in this video was recorded by the late Dougie Shearer in (presumably) the late 1950s. It shows activities in the Cosmo ballroom in Kirkwall, Orkney, and was origin...
1st May 2018 - Duration: 0:04:12 - Martin Laird
If England Was A Person
Happy St. George's Day! We English are a peculiar bunch......
23rd April 2018 - Duration: 0:02:45 - The Hook
The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: Contrary to what its multi-million dollar international PR campaign would have you believe, the "White Helmets" are not a gro...
9th April 2018 - Duration: 0:34:09 - corbettreport
Mhairi Black - The Future of Scottish Politics #AskMhairi
Mhairi Black has been the SNP Member of Parliament for Paisley and Renfrewshire South since 2015 when she became the youngest MP since the Reform Act of 1832. Mhairi speaks to T...
5th April 2018 - Duration: 1:35:45 - IndependenceLive
Interview - Peter A Bell - Part 3
Journalist Jason Michael @Jeggit interviews Peter A Bell @BerthanPete....
3rd April 2018 - Duration: 0:13:02 - IndependenceLive